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Lene Nørrelykke has been part of the Danish gospel elite for many years.


She became a celebrity in 2003 when she reached the final in the talent show “Star for a night”. Since then she has been singing in the Eurovision Song Contest, starred in musicals, released her own solo album Why I Sing and recorded with many famous Danish artists.


But Lene’s main interest is the gospel music. For the last 20 years she has been a lead singer, choir conductor in all types of gospel arrangements in Denmark and Europe. 

She is the leader of two choirs in her hometown Aarhus.

She is also educated at the highly acclaimed Complete Vocal Institute (CVI) in Copenhagen and is teaching Complete Vocal Technique both as solo classes and as workshops. 

When Lene Nørrelykke performs or teaches it is always with great enthusiasm and professionalism.

For more information write to or phone her at +45 22 28 09 99.

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